The nutritional way to reduce the risk of milk fever

Milk fever is one of the most relevant metabolic diseases in dairy production. At calving, multiparous cows can develop low calcium levels in the blood resulting in clinical and subclinical milk fever. This occurs because they are not able to adapt quickly enough to the dramatic increase in calcium requirements for milk production.

CalFix is a new feed technology for inclusion in dietetic feeds to reduce the risk of milk fever. It incorporates a unique, highly palatable calcium binder which reduces calcium availability from the diet and assists in the calcium adaptation process.

CalFix is readily eaten by cows and helps maximize early matter intake after calving.

For more information, click here to view the CalFix e-brochure or here to download a copy.

To download the CalFix Calcium Calculator click here. This will help you to check the calcium content of dry cow diets and show the benefit of including CalFix in a transition cow management programme.

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