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  • Farm-O-San Pro-Keto

    Farm-O-Pro-Keto is a dietetic feed to reduce the risk of ketosis.

  • Farm-O-San Colostrum

    Farm-O-San Colostrum is feed material for newborn ruminants. It is a natural colostrum replacer for calves, lambs and goat kids.

  • Farm-O-San Rediar

    Farm-O-San Rediar is a dietetic feed for calves, developed to stabilize the water and electrolyte balance in case of digestive disorders (e.g. diarrhea).

  • Selacid®

    Selacid® is a synergistic blend of free and buffered short chain fatty acids. It is particularly effective in reducing the feed’s buffering capacity in the stomach. The free acids in Selacid make the product effective in supporting the natural barrier against Gram-negative bacteria in the stomach. Moreover, digestion is supported by reducing the stomach pH after feed ingestion. The buffered acids used in Selacid may help to improve the microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract. The overall result of Selacid is a positive effect on swine and poultry gut health and performance.

  • Optimin-SeY

    Selenium deficiency is often first seen as a reduced resistance to stress and ineffective immune response. Optimin®-SeY helps to maintain a good selenium status and supports the animal in building a safe reserve of selenomethionine, which is essential for healthy development and good disease resistance

  • Farm-O-San Reviva

    Farm-O-San Reviva is a complementary feed for cows. The tasty energy drink with a good uptake for freshly calved cows to replenish water and mineral loss after calving.

  • TNIbetain

    TNIbetain supports several metabolic processes including osmoregulation.