Feed Additives

Trouw Nutrition offers a broad portfolio of Feed Additive products which have a range of unique features and benefits. Our products cover both ruminant and monogastric species and include brands that focus on nutrition, health and preservation as well as feed mill efficiency and processing optimisation.



The preservation product range includes antibacterials, anti-toxins and those focused on mould control and other preservation needs.



The health product range includes gut health improvers, water treatments, acidifiers and yeast derivatives.



The nutrition product range includes chelated minerals, selenium, speciality vitamins and a range of enzymes.


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Trouw Nutrition offer a variety of preservation products to safeguard the quality of animal feed. Raw materials, feed ingredients, agricultural by-products, compound feeds and forages are all highly susceptible to mould, yeast and bacterial growth.

Protecting against mould, yeast and bacterial growth ensures the consistent nutritional quality of the feed whilst extending the shelf life; it improves feed safety by preventing contamination and reduces the risk of associated further problems (e.g. mycotoxins).

We offer a range of standard and bespoke preservation products in both liquid and dry forms as well as comprehensive customer support packages.

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Trouw Nutrition has a broad range of Feed Additives that focus on supporting and improving the health of the animal.

We are able to offer an extensive range of products that can control undesirable bacteria, optimise gut microflora, improve digestion and gut wall integrity and importantly support growth and productive performance.

These lead to a positive impact on the animal’s health which leads to an improved and more profitable animal performance.

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Trouw Nutrition offer a broad portfolio of nutritional Feed Additives; these include chelated minerals, speciality vitamins, selenium and a range of enzymes.

The products have unique features and benefits and are focused on supporting and improving animal health and performance by ensuring a balanced and optimal nutritional supply.

The products have been tested and trialled extensively in our research facilities, as well as in commercial use, and therefore comply with our high quality standards.

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