UK Dairy Day – focus on forage and rationing

8 September 2016

Free forage analysis for your customers live on our stand (Hall 2: H239) – come along with your customers and bring their grass silage for complete nutrient analyses and application into the latest NutriOpt Dairy rationing programme – what can they expect this winter?

Importance of forage analysis

Forage is the foundation of rationing and is the single most important winter feed but is often the least accurately assessed.

The first step in accurate forage analysis is taking a representative sample in a ‘W’ shape from the section of clamp being fed to take into account the variation across the clamp face. Forage samples then need to be sent on a regular basis for complete laboratory analysis to maximise forage utilisation.

The Trouw Nutrition laboratory offers accurate forage analysis by NIRS which is monitored by stringent quality control protocols against wet chemistry analysis on a monthly basis. Detailed nutrient analysis is available for forages to include the new parameters required for rationing according to the latest NutriOpt Dairy rationing model.

Maximising forage utilisation

Maximising forage utilisation is crucial whatever the financial environment. Why not encourage your customers to bring a silage sample to our stand at the UK Dairy Day for analysis by NIRS for a quick and reliable turnaround of results. In addition to the detailed nutritional analysis of the silage will be the new forage parameters introduced this year as part of the NutriOpt Dairy Model, and the opportunity to see how the forage will perform in the ration.

Optimal ration efficiency

Inclusion of NutriOpt parameters on forage analysis beyond the basic nutrients provides the application of proven research to explain how nutrients within the forage are being utilised in the cow. From rumen fermentation and rumen health, to digestion in the small intestine and further fermentation in the large intestine, a true nutritional feeding value of the forage can be calculated in terms of energy and protein that is available to the cow for milk production.

Dynamic energy (DyNE) reveals the true energy value of forages as the total amount of net energy from nutrients that are being formed and absorbed in the digestive tract including VFAs (and formation of VFAs from lactic acid), glucose, amino acids and fatty acids; it provides an accurate estimation of energy available to the cow based on processes taking place inside the animal.

NutriOpt Digestible Intestinal Protein (NDIP) is the true amount of metabolically available protein to the cow, being the sum of microbial protein yield in the rumen and bypass protein absorbed in the small intestine. Unlike other models, NDIP originates from the same nutrient data and modelling as DyNE, thereby providing a totally integrated and balanced energy and protein system to maximise dairy ration efficiency.


Together with full and accurate forage analyses, the NutriOpt Dairy Model allows cows to be fed with greater precision and optimal ration efficiency.

Visit us at the Trouw Nutrition stand at the UK Dairy Day (Hall 2: H239). Bring a customer or simply encourage them to bring a forage sample for free NIRS analysis including NutriOpt parameters for an accurate determination of how the forage will perform this winter.