Trouw Nutrition Silage Additives

10 April 2014

Trouw Nutrition GB Silage Additive Process confirmed for Q2/2014

The Trouw Nutrition GB range of silage additives aims to maintain the nutritional quality of silage and total mixed rations.

Selko Herbiphorm and Selko Herbimax are the two main silage additives in the range. The products are specific blends of free and buffered organic acids, all of which approved for use in silage preservatives. The formulations aim to reduce possible spoilage by micro-organisms such as yeast, moulds and enterobacteria.

Selko TMR is a non-corrosive liquid product that is formulated to contain a range of active organic acids. It is highly effective at preserving total mixed rations, processed feeds and silages by controlling aerobic fermentation caused by the rapid multiplication of various yeasts. Controlling fermentation allows the nutritive value of the feed to be maintained which supports palatability which can lead to higher feed intake patterns.

For further information and pricing details, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Feed Additives Team.