CerealWatch 2018

11 July 2018

CerealWatch Grain Monitoring Survey

Trouw Nutrition GB are once again running the CerealWatch grain monitoring survey for the 2018 harvest season to evaluate the nutritional value of this year’s grain harvest and analyse the potential impact on animal performance. We use our in house laboratory and NIR expertise alongside global R&D to provide a full nutrient analysis of grain samples including energy values for all species, digestible amino acids for pigs and poultry.

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Cereal Harvest 2018 has commenced - Don’t forget to submit your samples for CerealWatch

With the start of the 2018 cereal harvest upon us, new crop wheat and barley will be emerging in ruminant, pig and poultry rations in the coming weeks. Don't forget to order your sample bags on our CerealWatch homepage, as well as getting access to previous years' data.

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