Subscribe to 2018 GrassWatch Report

GrassWatch is a subscription service brought to you by Trouw Nutrition GB. It provides you with a weekly GrassWatch report and a monthly summary of all data, including fresh grass and pre-cut averages.


GrassWatch Subscription Details

In order to continually encourage and increase the number of samples submitted, the 2018 GrassWatch subscription cost will remain the same as last year:

  • If a minimum of 20 milk yield from grazing samples per company are submitted and invoiced over the 2018 grazing season then the GrassWatch subscription cost will not be invoiced at the end of the season.
  • If the 20 sample threshold is not achieved by the end of the 2018 grazing season the subscribing company will be invoiced £500 + VAT at the end of the 2018 grazing season for receiving the GrassWatch service.

There will continue to be no limit to the number of subscribers per company who can receive the report.