CerealWatch 2018

With the 2018 harvest upon us, and new-crop cereals coming through into feed formulations, the nutritional value of these cereals can vary hugely from one harvest to the next. This can have a large impact on feed formulations, both financially and on animal performance.

Trouw Nutrition GB are currently undertaking CerealWatch - a nationwide survey of new crop feed wheat and barley quality. This survey project has been carried out annually since 2012, looking at the differences in nutrient content within and between harvest years.

CerealWatch 2018 will give you access to updates on the nutritional value of new crop UK cereals. We provide real-time data, helping you to fully understand the trends and implications of key nutritional changes in UK cereals. CerealWatch 2018 will also include mycotoxin trend data.

How to take part in CerealWatch 2018?

It's easy to take part in CerealWatch 2018. Send your wheat and barley samples for analysis at the Trouw Nutrition GB laboratory at Trouw Nutrition GB, Blenheim House, Blenheim Road, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 1HA.

If you'd like to take part, please click here to access the online CerealWatch Enquiry Form where you can also order your pre-labelled sample bags.

Alternatively, contact your Account Manager or a member of the Trouw Nutrition GB Monogastric Team:

Trouw Nutrition GB Sales Team

Trouw Nutrition GB Poultry Team

Trouw Nutrition GB Pig Team


We recommend a minimum sample size of 300g to enable an accurate bushel weight measurement and further analysis. Please include contact details and county of harvest to assist in our evaluation of regional trends. We have pre-labelled bags available to ensure the sample is the correct size. 

We split the data regionally into 6 areas, Scotland, North, Midlands , South East, South West and Wales and West Midlands. In order to have the most representative sample set possible, we have a large requirement for samples from each region. 

CerealWatch 2018 - Access valuable new crop nutritional information

As part of this package, you will have access to a large amount of data as follows: 

  • For each sample submitted, you will receive a copy of the analytical results including energy, total digestible amino acids and enzymatic starch, calculated using Trouw Nutrition Nutrix equations.
  • We will also be communicating two-weekly updates throughout the 2018 harvest, tracking changes throughout the season.
  • Included in these updates will be average mycotoxin data, DON, Zea and T2/HT2.

These reports will look at the likely impact of this year’s harvest on key performance indicators in relation to the changes in nutritional quality of the new crop cereals.

If you would like to sign-up or find out more information, please click here and complete the online form.

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If you have any queries, please contact your Account Manager or any of the Trouw Nutrition Monogastric Team.

Trouw Nutrition GB Sales Team

Trouw Nutrition GB Poultry Team

Trouw Nutrition GB Pig Team